Terms and Conditons

The terms and conditions set out in this contract pertain solely to the RVsales group of websites. The prices for services on this web site are shown inclusive of VAT, and there are no “hidden extras”. Prices are correct at the time of web page build but may be subject to change without notice. By having an advert listed on the RVsales group of websites, you enter into a contract of service with RVsales Ltd ("We", "Our", "Us") on the following terms and conditions. These conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of services by us, the Seller to the Buyer ("You", "Yours") to the exclusion of all the other terms and conditions unless confirmed in writing by the Seller. The definition of RV is any tent, caravan, motorhome, holiday home, trailer tent, folding camper or any other similar recreational vehicle. All trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to the registered owner. 1. I am the legal owner of the RV for sale 2. I own copyright or have special permission to use any photographs 3. RVsales Ltd will not be liable or responsible for: 3.1. Any images used without copyright or special permission. 3.2. Any loss of profit, revenue or other type of economic loss (direct or indirect) suffered by the buyer arising out a breach by the seller of this contract. 3.3. Any error or omission in entries to the listing of your RV for sale on any of the RVsales group of websites. 3. We will endeavour to provide a service that extends 24 hours every day, but circumstances out of our control may prevent us from supplying such a service. Therefore, we shall not be liable for any loss of service caused by third parties. 4. Any data submitted will remain on web servers hosted by UKFast. Any sensitive information such as credit card information is not held by us. We use third party payment processing (Worldpay) systems for credit/debit card payments. We will not divulge any information that you supply to the website to any third party for whatever reason, unless required to do so by a court order. 5. Your advert will remain "Live" on the RVsales group of websites until we are contacted by the advert creator to remove it. 6. RVsales Ltd reserves the right to resize "overly-large" images. "Overly-large" images include any images that exceed 300 pixels wide in diameter or are over 100KB in size. 7. Refunds. Refunds are not permissable for this service. Because your advert goes immediately live on our website, the service is effective immediately. So as soon as your card is debited, your advert is live on the site or sites where applicable. 8. Any images supplied will become part of an online image library and by submitting images to your advert you automatically give RVsales Ltd permission to store and reuse your images on future adverts.
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